A couple married for 83 years die four hours apart in Brazil

Emma Martínez Suarez



Updated at 19:28

An elderly Brazilian couple married for 83 years died in Brazil within four hours of each other.

Mamédio Alves, 105, was married to Ana Araújo, 100. Both marriedIn 1940, and both died last Friday. Both lived in the municipality of Paraná, in the state of Tocantins, in the center of the country.

While not having any children, the couple has helped in the growth and development of other children, according to close relatives detailed to local media.

stopped feeding

Sources close to the couple have assured that Mamédio has kept his mental faculties intact, however he has stopped eating and his health has deteriorated. On the other hand, Ana developed pneumonia, which started to get worse. The doctors didn’t give Ana any hope of life, due to her advanced age and her, therefore her, illness she was sent home to die at her husband’s side.

Ana stayed at home, where she stayed until her husband, Mamédio, started experiencing health complications. Last Thursday he was hospitalized and at 4am on Friday his death was registered.

Soon after Anna she too began to feel ill, so only four hours after her husband’s death, at 8 in the morning on the same Fridayalso deceased.

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