Boban Marjanović intentionally misses the free throw to give Clippers fans free chicken

The final day of the 2023-24 regular season saw several playoff teams battling for seeding, other teams looking to improve their draft lottery odds and some just hoping to end the season on a high note.

The Houston Rockets, who had made an unsuccessful late charge to the Play-In Tournament, fall into the latter category, seeking their first unbeaten record since the 2019-20 season.

As it turned out on Sunday, Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers fans both took home a victory.

With 4 minutes, 44 seconds left in the fourth quarter of Houston’s eventual 116-105 victory over the Clippers, center Boban Marjanović missed his first free throw. Marjanović – a career 76.4% free throw shooter – then purposely missed the second to win over the fans in attendance with free chicken.

The Clippers organization runs a promo in which fans in attendance receive a free chicken if their opponents miss two consecutive free throws in the fourth quarter. So the Clippers faithful, who had seen their reserves fight admirably throughout the game, finally had something to cheer about, triggering the growing crescendo.

Rewarding home fans for missing consecutive free throws in the fourth quarter has become increasingly popular in recent years. In some blowouts, when players from the end of the bench finally take the floor, some players miss the first free throw, riling up the crowd, only to make the second and mock them.

But if there was anyone in the NBA who would purposely fail to make sure fans went home with a reward, it would be Marjanović, who is arguably the nicest professional basketball player on the planet.

A finalist for this season’s NBA Sportsmanship Award, the former Clippers favorite has made a career of kind-hearted gestures in his various stops in the league.

As soon as the second free throw went off the rim, Marjanović raised a finger in the air, reminding the players on the court who to thank for the Chick-fil-A free throw.

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(Photo: Adam Pantozzi/Getty Images)