ELN kidnaps a sergeant and his two young children in Colombia


One of the two minors is six years old and autistic.

A man walks past a house marked with graffiti by the ELN guerrilla group.MARIO CAICEDOEFE extension
  • negotiation The Colombian government and the ELN guerrillas sign a six-month truce
  • dialogue Colombian government and ELN begin another round of talks in Cuba

He is six years old and it is autistic. Sometimes she gets uncontrollable and needs to drink lots of water all the time, according to her maternal grandfather. Being a minor or suffering from this disorder did not stop National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas from kidnapping him along with his mother, an army sergeant, and his eight-year-old older sister, as they traveled by road. They went to Arauca, the capital of the homonymous department on the border with Venezuela.

the petty officer, Ghislaine Karina RamírezAged 32, she had to enlist in the 18th Brigade, to which she was transferred, and decided to leave the military base of Tolemaida, in Melgar, in central Colombia, towards her new destination.

The kidnapping took place on Monday night, during the journey between the towns of Tame and Fortul, both in Arauca.

“Preliminarily, it is assumed that the family was arrested by members of the ELN’s Domingo Lan Sanz Front,” reads a statement released this morning by the army. They add that “they categorically reject this crime against humanity“and take all actions to recover the kidnapped.

The father of Sgt Gerardo Ramírez, had begged him to leave the army before agreeing to go to a region dominated by the ELN and the FARC. The two guerrillas carry out continuous attacks against the military and police, and for months they have been conducting a bloody war for control of the territory which has left more than 300 dead until they establish some kind of truce and each criminal gang dominates an area.

They have the added advantage, especially the ELN, that they can take refuge in the sanctuary of Venezuela. Only by crossing the border river, which they do in less than two minutes, are they already safe, protected by Chavismo.

“My daughter is also a musician. She is 32 and studied at the Tolima Conservatory, where she learned to play the clarinet; and one day she decided to join the army,” Ramírez told the newspaper. Bogota weather.

The man had been distraught since his daughter stopped answering her cell phone on Monday night. He demands that they be released immediately, especially for the state of little Juan Camilo, and for his nephew. Angi Rocco. “God grant that this nightmare will end soon and my daughter and grandchildren will be released safely,” prays the grandfather.

The kidnapping takes place while the ELN is negotiating a peace process with the Government of Gustavo Petro in Havana (Cuba). And when a one-month cessation of hostilities begins tomorrow. In theory they will not attack the army and police, but they have already warned that they will continue kidnappings and extortions, with a nerve that has outraged Colombian society. To avoid this, Petro has announced that he will create an international fund to finance them, an initiative that has received sharp criticism from various political and social sectors.

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