Germany supports the United States delivering cluster bombs to Ukraine despite having signed the treaty banning them


The government spokesman trusts the reasons of the Biden Cabinet after the Foreign Minister of Los Verdes hinted at the opposition of the German Executive

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, this Friday with the President of Slovakia, Zuzana Caputova.TOMAS BENEDIKOVICAFP extension

He German government expressed this Friday his confidence in the arguments of the United States defending the delivery of cluster bombs Ukraine in its fight against Russia, although Germany is a signatory to the international treaty banning the production and use of such munitions.

“We are sure that our American friends have not taken the decision to supply the corresponding ammunition lightly,” the government spokesman said, Steffen Hebestreitwhen commenting on information about possible shipment.

Hebestreit, in turn, explained that the use of what are also known as fragmentation bombs would occur Ukraine under “a framework of special conditions”. “Ukraine is using the munitions to protect its civilian population. It is a use by its government to liberate its territory,” she said.

“Therefore, we must also remember this Russia has already used cluster munitions on a large scale in a war of aggression against Ukraine in violation of international law,” he added.

The statements of the government spokesman contrast with the reserve of the foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock. On the way to the climate change meeting of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) inside viennaBaerbock, of the party of The Greenshinted at his opposition to the supply of cluster bombs to Ukraine by noting that “for Germany, the Treaty of OsloBaerbock was referring to convention on cluster munitionsagreed in Oslo and in force since 2008.

Several media outlets reported on Thursday, citing government sources, that the government was led by Joe Biden plans to supply cluster munitions to Ukraine. Both countries are not counted among the 111 signatories of the international treaty that bans their production, storage and use.

He PentagonHowever, he declined to confirm it. According to news agencies, the plans could be officially announced in the next few hours.

Cluster munitions are missiles and bombs that explode in the air above a target, dispersing or releasing many smaller explosive devices known as submunitions or bombs.

This type of ammunition is criticized because a significant proportion of explosive devices usually do not detonate, but instead remain where they fall without detonating, endangering the population.

Even unexploded bombs pose a danger after the end of the conflict. Ukraine says it will use these bombs against entrenched Russian troops before its forces advance, thus not endangering the civilian population.

Several international NGOs such as Human Rights Watch They denounced the use of these weapons and asked Washington not to hand them over to Ukraine.

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