No trace of Miglio, the 2-year-old boy who disappeared in France: “Let’s not lose hope”


Traces of him went missing three days ago while he was playing at his grandparents’ house in a small village in Haute Provence.

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  • France Disturbing disappearance of a two-year-old boy in a village in southern France

Helicopters, gendarmes and police, dogs and hundreds of people searched for miles for two days without result for the two-and-a-half-year-old boy who disappeared last Saturday afternoon while playing in the garden of his grandparents’ house in Le Vernet, a town of just a hundred inhabitants of Haute Provence, in the south of France.

The authorities have suspended the hunt to find him and have activated a more “specific and selective” search device. “The searches will continue but we will adapt the device,” said the department’s attorney, Marc Chappuis.

“We will stop the roundups to deploy specialized means to search for traces and clues”, since the searches already carried out have not allowed locating the minor in the initial perimeter of five kilometres around the dais where it disappeared.

Mile lost track of him last Saturday afternoon while playing in the garden at his grandparents’ house, where he spent the holidays. She was wearing a yellow shirt and white pants. The clues are few: two witnesses saw him go down the street and a telephone line has been opened in case anyone can provide details that help find him. 500 calls were received, but there was no success.

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“We are not losing hope,” said the prosecutor, who recalled that the search system implemented up to now should have allowed him to be found within that radius. If he is lost, the little one has already been alone for three nights and two days. It’s an area steep and mountainous where even small streams pass.

The prosecutor of Digne Les Bains, Rmy Avon, recalled that “none of the hypotheses is excluded”. That the child has been in an accident, for example, or that someone could have taken him away. The houses on the platform have been surveyed. At the moment, and despite the searches that have taken place since Saturday, no “elements characterizing a crime that could be the cause of the disappearance” have been found.

Le Vernet has become infamous because it was here that a Germanwings plane crashed in 2015 with 150 passengers on board, mostly Spanish and German, flying the Barcelona-Düsserdorf route. The crash was caused intentionally by the co-pilot.

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