Surrogacy in America: why should you contact an international agency?

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Surrogacy, occasionally misnamed as “womb for rent”, is an increasingly sought-after option given the number of successful cases. However, regulations and legal obstacles in many countries may hinder or even prohibit this reproductive option. In such circumstances, contacting an international surrogacy agency may be the best alternative. 

One of these outstanding agencies is “Family Aims“, with a presence in Colombia, the United States, Israel, Belgium (European Union), Japan and China, which offers a wide range of services to help individuals and couples from all over the world to realise their dream of enlarging their family.

Guarantees, treatment and follow-up in an international agency

One of the main advantages of contacting an international agency like “Family Aims” is the guarantee of receiving personalised treatment at all stages of the surrogacy process. 

Their team of highly trained professionals takes care of the entire situation. They work with specialised clinics in Colombia, Mexico and Argentina and care for finding the right person to carry the pregnancy, following medical and psychological criteria. 

On the other hand, they also offer the possibility of finding egg and/or sperm donors if necessary. In this way, they provide first-class medical services and offer legal advice and emotional support. Thus, they ensure that intended parents feel supported and guided every step of the way.


Family Aims” distinguishes itself by offering fair prices backed by the quality of its service, cutting-edge technology and high scientific standards of its allies. The firm is involved with families and their wishes, so it always seeks their benefit, making their treatment possible and affordable.

Inclusivity and openness

“Family Aims” stands out for its inclusive approach, making it a key differentiator in surrogacy. Although some destinations only allow heterosexual couples to participate, this agency welcomes single people and same-sex couples.

“Family Aims” shows a clear recognition and appreciation of the diversity present in modern families. Its unwavering commitment lies in guaranteeing equal opportunities for all people who aspire to become parents through surrogacy.

Reduction of waiting time

This international agency understands the fears and anxieties involved in this process, so it seeks to provide new facilities at every step. In that sense, it has its waiting list to find the (misnamed) “substitute mother”, who, in a generous and disinterested way, will lend her womb to support the new families. 

In many countries, it can be very complicated to find this person, firstly because they must go through a very rigorous selection process, but also because of bureaucratic issues. For example, in Ukraine, prospective parents must prove at least three failed in vitro fertilisation processes before accessing surrogacy. This means waiting up to four years before starting the process. What the international agency achieves is to reduce this period to two months for a pre-assignment where all the medical and psychological studies of the potential gestational carrier are started, a record!

Benefits of carrying out the process in a country with favourable legal regulations

A crucial aspect of contacting an international surrogacy agency lies in the possibility of carrying out the process in a country where the legal regulations allow it. 

Some nations have restrictive regulations or even prohibit surrogacy, which can frustrate those who wish to have a child through this option.

By seeking alternatives in locations such as Colombia, Mexico or Argentina, where “Family Aims” also operates, intended parents can benefit from a more conducive legal environment and realise their dream of starting a family without the limitations imposed by other countries.

“Family Aims” is your international agency

Contacting “Family Aims” may be the best alternative. With complete services ranging from legal advice to medical follow-up, the agency stands out for being reliable and committed to intended parents.

Surrogacy is an exciting and meaningful journey. When considering this option, it is crucial to evaluate all available alternatives and look for international agencies that offer guarantees. We encourage you to contact “Family Aims”, the first step to fulfilling your dreams.